The Illinois Monarch Award Internet Book Club - (Grades PreK-3)
5 of The Monarch Award books; vote for your favorite; write and illustrate why your choice is your favorite Monarch book.
Reading reviews for Bluestem Award nominees for third, fourth and fifth grade students.

The iCollaboratory invites students in grades 4-8 to participate in the Annual Rebecca Caudill Book Club.

Share your book reviews for Abraham Lincoln Nominees.
Welcome to Read for a Lifetime Book Discussion. Students will submit reviews of the books they have read in the Illinois Read for a Lifetime booklist and read the reviews from other students. This project allows you to converse with others who have read the same book, and through your discussion, deepen your understanding of the book.
NOTE: This project is not affiliated with the Read for a Lifetime Program, sponsored by the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White. To officially participate Read for a Lifetime Program, your class must register with the Secretary of State and State Librarian, Jesse White. For more information, visit