lcome to Nutrition A3 – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace! These FUN and interactive projects allow you to take charge of your health by learning to make healthy food choices and be physically active. Healthier bodies mean looking your best, feeling great and peak athletic performance!

Through project-based learning and the latest applications in technology, Nutrition A3 can help you
• discover key nutrition and physical activity information that impacts YOU,
• compare YOUR lifestyle choices with current health recommendations,
• develop a realistic plan for personal improvement,
• monitor YOUR own progress.

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Project One: Getting Started with MyPyramid
Project Two: Get Moving!
Project Three: Fun with Fruits and Veggies
Project Four: Eat to Win
Project Five: From Screen Time to Fun Time
Project Six: Rate Your Beverage Choices

Get in the Know with Nutrition A3 – online projects to assist secondary education teachers with implementing the Nutrition A3 online lessons for teens.

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Getting Started with Nutrition A3 for Teachers
Let’s investigate what food choices are right for you.
Let’s investigate how to get the heart pumping and get moving in our daily lives!
Let’s have some fun learning how to incorporate more tasty fruits and veggies into our diet!

Let’s learn how to fuel up with less fat!

Let’s investigate how to replace some of your screen time with fun, active pursuits.

Let’s investigate beverages and strategies for making better beverage choices!