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Scariest Stories and Fall Poetry begins Oct. 1.

Scariest Stories and Fall Poetry begins Oct. 1.

by Bonnie Thurber -
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Please join us for the Scariest Stories and  Fall Poetry projects on October 1.  Students as Gouls and Ghosts and Goblins please join us to tell us your scariest stories and write a few  fall poems. Students take a survey, write stories and poetry, they create webpages to share stories, poetry, videos and art work. After pages are shared, students comment on each others work. Students use this project to develop their writing skills by sharing and discussing their narrated and/or illustrated (optional) writing in our online community.

The Scariest Stories project activities are designed to take about one hour a week in a school computer lab or on set of classroom computers. Teachers should plan to spend an hour a week in addition to the computer time for proofreading student work. Students who get involved spend more time writing, sharing and discussing their stories. Students who complete the survey, story or poem, comment on their pages outside the classroom and share a closing reflection about what they have learned will receive an iCollaboratory Web Badge and a certificate. As a teacher to register for this project, send email to As a student, have your teacher register your class.

Thank you,

Bonnie Thurber and the iCollaboratory team.