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Two favorite projects begin in the iCollaboratory on April 1

Two favorite projects begin in the iCollaboratory on April 1

by Bonnie Thurber -
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International Poetry Month begins April 1

Whether it be a sonnet or a cinquain, we encourage students to share their literary work and discuss it with one another. Students use this project to develop their poetry knowledge and writing skills by sharing and discussing poems they have written, narrated and/or illustrated (optional) in an online Poetry Month community.

Activity 1: Participants Take a Poetry Survey April 1-7
Activity 2: ParticipantsSelect a Poem Type April 1-14
Activity 3: ParticipantsCreate a Google Webpage and Write a Poem April 7-21
Activity 4: ParticipantsShare & Comment April 21-30
Activity 5: ParticipantsTake the Final Survey and write a shared Reflective Summary

When students complete the five activities they receive an iCollaboratory Web Badge and a certificate of completion.

Moon Over Us: Moon Faces begins April 1, 2015

Moon Over Us: Moon Faces - April - May

In the project, student astronomers around the world exchange results and analyze the differences of images of the moon and discuss this information by commenting on each other's webpages.

In addition, students will research and share stories and legends about the Moon. The result is an intercultural exchange of explanations about the differences and similarities of each country from the sky, the data gathering technology, and cultural traditions.
After completing the project, including a final survey and sharing reflections about their learning, students receive an iCollaboratory Web Badge and a certificate.