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Your Ticket to Vancouver!

Your Ticket to Vancouver!

от Bonnie Thurber -
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If you are waiting at the airport for your flight to the Winter Olympics, please hurry and get your baggage checked! The flight is ready to take off!

We are going to have a great time at the Olympics in Vancouver. First stop is the Winter Olympics survey! Please be sure to take it and view the results!

After the survey, pick your favorite Winter Olympic Sport and prepare to write an exciting News Story about it! Please follow the headlines on the Official Olympic page you can find in our Olympic Cybrary.

I will be back soon with more news!
Signing off now,

Mrs Thurber
Winter Olympic Enthusiast
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Re: Your Ticket to Vancouver!

от Sue Pisano -

Hi Bonnie,

Can we still sign up?  or is it too late?


Sue Pisano