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Creating Student Accounts for Projects

Creating Student Accounts for Projects

by Karen Wenger -
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After your teacher account has been set up, you will need to create accounts for your students.

First: Netiquette and safety are the two most important subjects you can teach students about using the internet. Good netiquette is appropriate behavior goes hand-in-hand with helping internet users feel safe. Students who feel safe and secure are unlikely to endanger security of others. Please read the attachment about netiquette.

Second: Teachers need to create accounts for their students. If you have a small number of students, you may create their accounts one at a time using a web-based form. If you have a large number of students, you may create their accounts by uploading a .csv file containing student username, password, first name, last name and email.

When creating student accounts:
  • Please start your student IDs with s- so everyone will know they are students. To ensure their names are not duplicated, add a number at the end of their login name.
  • Passwords need to be secure. DO NOT give each student the same password.
  • Student firstname should include his/her first name and the first initial of his/her lastname. I.E. Jerry Smith is JerryS, if there is a second Jerry Smith he should be JerrySm.
  • A student's last name should be his/her school name. I.E. Jerry Smith from Hayt School would be JerryS Hayt School. His login name might be jsmith204 or jsmith204hayt.
  • Each student must have a unique email address, but, we don't want an official email address so, if your email address is please make the students email addresses,,
  • NO commas anywhere in the file!

With the above in mind, open your class list and Excel to begin. Your spread sheet should look something like this:

username password firstname lastname email
s-jerrys204hayt yell..low JerryS Hayt-School
s-jerrysm204hayt pen12cil JerrySm Hayt-School
s-johnsmi205hayt prupple3 JohnSmi Hayt-School

Save your spread sheet as a DOS comma delimited file with a .csv extension.

To create student accounts:
  1. Navigate to the Start page by following the bread crumbs trail just below the Welcome to the iCollaboratory banner.
  2. When you are on the Start page, look for the Admin box on the right side of the page and select Users.
  3. Follow the links or the form to add student accounts individually or to upload many student accounts at a time using the Excel spreadsheet you just saved as a .csv file.

Note: If you do not see the Admin box on the Start page or have other questions about adding users, please email

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