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Scariest Stories & Fall Poetry 2010

Scariest Stories & Fall Poetry 2010

by Bonnie Thurber -
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Hello Everyone!

There are 83 students who have already taken the Scariest Survey!
Registered participants can take the survey and view the results!
If your students have not all ready registered by clicking "Yes" please have them do this soon!

All teachers should now create a class page.

To Create your school or class page:

To create a school or class page, go to the project and:
1. Click Create Page.
2. Enter the name of your school.
3. Click Save.

A new page appears with your school's name at the top. This page is where your students will create their pages as sub pages for this project.

When you have entered some text, click Save. Your page will appear in the Sitemap.

To put your school's name on the left-hand sidebar:
1. Go to your school or class page.
2. Select Page settings from the More Actions drop-down menu.
3. Check Show this page in the sidebar.

I look forward to seeing all your stories and comments soon!

The iCollaboratory Team