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Announcing A Day in Our Neighborhood Project

Announcing A Day in Our Neighborhood Project

by Bonnie Thurber -
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Announcing A Day in Our Neighborhood Project

The iCollaboratory Project invites all K-12 students to participate in the A Day in Our Neighborhood to learn more about the communities around us. In the project, students and teachers from around the world will share information about their communities will discuss this information through the iCollaboratory web site.

A Day in Our Neighborhood Web links

After registering for the Project, students and teachers will place information about their school and community in an online template at the iCollaboratory called the Neighborhood Web links. All students and teachers participating in the project will be able to see information about each others schools and communities.

A Day in Our Neighborhood Survey

On May 3 or 4, 2010, students take an online Survey and then review the results to learn more about each other and their schools and communities.

The Day in Our Neighborhood Gallery

During the first week of May, students take photographs and record video and audio (optional) of the locations in their school and community.

During weeks two and three of May, students share these digital materials with other participants, along with descriptions of what their photographs and/or recorded clips feature. Participants come back and comment on each others work.

The Day in Our Neighborhood Interactive Map
The student work in this project will be accessible through an online interactive map that will mark the different areas where the data, photographs, audio clips and captions were collected for this project.

Notes: Please check with your school's Internet privacy policy before posting any material.

To Sign in to the project, visit

For more information and to register please email

Thank you,

The iCollaboratory Team