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iCollaboratory Happy New Year

iCollaboratory Happy New Year

by Bonnie Thurber -
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Images from the Moon Over Us project by  Sam, age 10, from Beiging

We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year!

Winter Holidays in the Northern Hemisphere are a busy time for remembering those we love by sending gifts. Many people are doing Holiday shopping for those gifts. Please remember to put the iCollaboratory on your list!  Consider making a tax deductible donation!  By making a donation,  you will help the iCollaboratory continue to develop.  To make a tax deductible donation, click the Log In botton at then click the Donate button on the right hand side of the webpage. 

Participating in the iCollaboratory gives you and your students a chance to share stories, essays, poetry and research with other students in the USA and internationally. As educators, you have the opportunity to create projects and become an iCollaboratory Board Member, iCollaboratory Associate or  iCollaboatory volunteer.

We have many projects taking place in the iCollaboratory this Winter and Spring. 

The Activity Wizard is supporting teachers as they create standards-aligned lesson plans. The next planned updates include being able to save and edit your lesson plans online and share them with colleagues in the iCollaboratory. More information about the Activity Wizard can be found at

We are currently running Rebecca Caudill Internet Book Club for grades 4-8   Please don't wait. Join and pick a book to read and discus in the iCollaboratory!

The iCollaboratory Sponsors many teacher created projects. The following projects are found under Sponsored Projects in the iCollaboratory: 
Shared Any Time projects: 
---When will I ever Use This? Career Exploration (6-12)
---Field Trips - Awesome! is a project where students talk, write essays, share media about school field trips (K-12). 
---A Day in Our Neighborhood (K-12)
---Songs My Family Sang When I was Young (K-12)
---A Starry Sky in Our Neighborhood (Middle School)

Shared Seasonal projects:
---Scariest Stories and Fall Poetry (K-12) October 1-31
---What I am Most Thankful For (K-12) November 1-30
---The Iditarod (3-8) January  2 - March 31
---National Poetry Monty (K-12) April 1-30
---2012 Summer Olympics: Your Ticket to London, Englandet to London, England (K-12) August 1-31

Shared Science projects
---Moon Over Us (5-12) 7-9 weeks, seven times a year and is an exchange with students from Beijing, China. 
---Solar Eclipse (5-12) May 2012

Teacher projects
We invite all teachers to create their own projects for their students. If the projects work well, they may be repeated the following year as shared projects. 

Online video workshop for teachers:
Each iCollaboratory user now has 10 gigabytes of space to upload video in almost any format. We will be running a special member Webinar at noon on March 10 to show attendees how to use the new tool. 

National Poetry Month will begin April 1. Please send email to by the end of March if you will be participating in the project. 
National Poetry month participants 
1) take a survey and view results between April 1 and 11. 
2) They research poetry types between April 5 and 18. 
3) They write, illustrate and publish poetry between April 12 and 24. 
4) The last week of April participants will comment on at least two poems, one from their classroom and one from another classroom, take a final survey and write a reflection including two or more facts about what they have learned. 

April 20: SAVE the DATE! The iCollaboratory Symposium will be held April 20, 2012. We will be in Northwestern University's Harden Hall, Rebecca Crown Center for the morning and have hands-on workshops in the afternoon. 

We look forward to seeing you in the iCollaboratory!

Thank you,

Bonnie Thurber and the iCollabotatory Team