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The boloody moon

The boloody moon

by hiba biusfiha -
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           The moon is the symbol of myth and legends, but people do not know the deepth and the realities of the ties that bind werewolves and the moon.Now it's time that I reaveled the truth.It's well known that werewolves sing on the full moon night ,actually they do not sing they weep over their fate curse.

           A long time ago human and werewolves lived in harmony, until the day when an unfortunate accident arrived this happened when all the magic species have been persecuted and hunted in every corner of the world.these heinous crimes were worse against werewolves .

          It's was because a pure coincidence that the son of Nebula the prepress queen , was attracted by a werewolves  at a night of full moon . At this night the prepress swear allegiance to take revenge and to hunt her son killers as long as she lived ,and survivors they will suffer from extreme pain while they change into werewolves every full night 

     Even before that the magician sealed the curse of the  moon , the werewolves themselves swore to take revenge   on Nebula's defendants 

        Centuries latter humans forgot completely about Nebula's curse and no langer remenbered the werewolves . But the werewolves have kept in mind their revenge because their grief was still raw 

        Some time later , the tributes disappeared to an extant wher only one servied and rejoined the humans . This was due to many years of hiding . Until the day where the fate raeking never recover.

      The day started peacefully and without blakecles in the small town of the Middle Atlas of Morroco, where the last tribute found refuge pretending been a Scotish family who had a manor at the top of the valley. Sure the tribute was different ,but they earned a place as a respectable and friendly family ,and It's tanks to the youngest of the family Mariah,who was loved by every body.

But on this day a mysterious student named Bash come from nowhere.This boy set on a surviavle instinct in Mariah mixture by fear but also a desire of revenge . This feeling was reciprocal , because like werewolves , the descendant of Nebula swore the continuation of the moon curse. From this moment , the joyful and peaceful atmosphere of the lovely town tapped to hell .The war between werewolves and descendant raged and where innocent lives lasses for a cause which at least have 200 years .At the end of this war werewolves won a victory .Live went on shot slowly and the inhabitants went on their habitual life rhythm . But one day when Mariah was hunting , she fell nose to nose on Bash ,this poor was lonely , terrified and inferred .

        Day's after day's Mariah and Bash became friends and linked to each other . But when Mariah's family learned the existence of Bash , they tracked him down , But Mariah didn't give up on Bash , she convinced her father as a boss of the tribute to accept Bash as one of them whit her ultimatum :"if they kills Bash they will have to kill her to " And this is how bash found a new family ,and a pure love. The family finally thought down her guard , that the most heartbreak arrived , the man they believed to be a real friend and a sincere brother betrayed them .

          Blind whit rage and denial Mariah killed Bash her greatest love . Time have passed and no one was able to approach the manor .Today people like to say that the spirit of Mariah is hunting the house , but the truth is "I am still here" .I just saw land in chagrin , and every full moon I cry but my tears are tears of blood tuck by pain ! 


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Re: The boloody moon

by Bonnie Thurber -


Thank you very much. This story is great.  Can you add some images?.


Bonnie Thurber

Director, iCollaboratory