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Tech 2011 Announcement

Tech 2011 Announcement

by Bonnie Thurber -
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This is a great place to have your students talk about the work they do in the iCollaboratory! I will be happy to help with handouts for all who are accepted. Please apply!

Applications are now being accepted for "TECH 2011: Students for the Information Age" which will take place this spring at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield, IL. To apply and to view complete event information please visit the TECH 2011 website,

The TECH 2011 event strives to showcase classroom technology projects from across the state. The purpose of the event is two-fold: 1) to raise awareness of the critical role technology plays in preparing students to succeed in today’s world; and 2) to show the need for increased funding for classroom technology.

All schools from throughout the state of Illinois are encouraged to apply to participate in this event. Schools selected to participate in TECH 2011 will send a team of two or three students to Springfield accompanied by one teacher or administrator. Each team is limited to a total of four participants who will demonstrate a school project from approximately 9-Noon or Noon-3pm the day of the event in the Rotunda of the Illinois State Capitol. Selected teams will represent a balanced distribution between legislative districts, grade levels and curricular areas. Our goal is to select at least one team from every legislative district (representative & senatorial) in the state.

Note: TECH 2011 will take place in the spring of 2011 when legislators are in session. The date of TECH 2011 will be posted on the website ( as soon as an event date is finalized.

If your you would like to apply to participate in this exciting event, please submit an application by January 11, 2011 online at